The President's Trophy boat race will be held on 1st  November 2014 at Ashatamudi Lake...


Chundans are supposed to be Navy boats of Chempakasserry rules. It has got a length of more than a hundred feet and usually more than a hundred people are on board. Both the ends of the boats are raised from the water level. The rear end has a height of about twenty feet from the surface of the water. Nearly eighty six persons are rowers, ten to fifteen are to give the rhythm, four are to steer the vessels. It is to be specially noted that the chundans have the maximum maneuverability among all sorts of race boats. The Chundan (Snake Boat) variety of Race Boats usually 38.5 to 48.5 koles (One koles being equivalent to 24 inches) long and accommodates 100 to 150 persons.

Oadis or Eruttukuthies
Oadis or Eruttukuthies have a different origin. They were used for smuggling. It is to be noted that they are seen in plenty in the costal areas near Cochin and suburbs. Their very design is for speed. Both the ends are a like .Maneuverability is little, practically nil. They are never turned and rowers. The Odi, also called Cheru Chundan has a length of 28.25 to 32.25 koles and has 40to 60 rowers.

Veppu Vallams(Paranthuvalans)
Veppu Vallams(Paranthuvalans) are said to be boats that were used to carry stores for the soldiers on board and Chundans . Vaipu became Veppu bu usage. Vaipu in Malayalam means cooking. The design and appearance of these vehicles differ from all other race boats. The length of Parunthuvalan varies from 28.25 to 32.25 koles and it accommodates 28 to 36 rowers.

Churulans are pleasure and they are considered to be the conveyance of rich people in older days. The Churulan Boats vary in length fron 12.25 to 20.25 koles and their crew ranges from 10 to 36 of the entire race Boats, the most imposing picturesque and costly is the Chundan (Snake Boat). The stern of the Snake Boat rises about 15 feet from water level, and is embellished with exquisite ornamental designs in burnished brass and wood. The extent of elaborate and expensive ornamentation ,characteristic of the local craftsmans skill , indicate the wealth and eminence of the owner of the boat ,Long and narrow ,the snake boats cut across the water with majesty and grace .

The race boats, in use in Kerala , have much a common with the war canoes of the old American Indian , the Maoris of New Zealand and some of aboriginal tribes of the tropical countries, especially in regard to the shape and build., and the manner and contrivances of propulsion.